Two words, techies: IT. Show.

You know the drill: grab your wallets, grab your friends and family, and grab the best deals of the season. But do you know exactly what to get…? Neither did we, so we saved you the trouble of having to go through all that researching, and now give you a list of 5 things you should buy at IT Show 2016.

1. Memory Cards.

memory cards

This one’s pure logic. How many times have our computer hard drives failed us? Too many times, amirite? And memory cards, useful as they are, can get awfully pricey. You know, however, that IT Shows always give you a bang for your buck. So when you head down to the IT Show, make sure to grab a handful of these.


2. Portable Hard Drives.

hard drive

Again with the lack of storage! If you’re running huge projects, and memory cards with their measly capacities just won’t cut it, then it’s time to bring out the big guns. Portable hard drives are the heavyweights of tech gadgets, mate. We advise you to swipe one off the shelf and bag it at the counter the moment you see it at the IT Show.


3. Phone Accessories.

handphone accessories

Pet care extends to clothing your pet poodle, Snuffles. Similarly, your phone deserves some love. Think of all it does for you! Gets you up in the morning, entertains you throughout the day… basically brings order to your life. Plus, your Clash Of Clans champion could use a new outfit.


4. Laptops.


One of the biggest trophies of the IT Show race. Laptops are indispensable on regular weekdays, and IT Shows are the best opportunity to grasp the essential for cheap.



5. Notebook Stands.

laptop stand

We work on our laptops all day, everyday. So we completely understand when you flick your wrists and frown after a long hard day’s work. Of course, Trezo has a solution: Notebook Stands. This magical item elevates both your laptop and your carpal tunnel-plagued wrists, not to mention extends your laptop’s lifespan by allowing its heat to be circulated away.



6. Trezo IT Show Flash Deals!!

Remember the exhilarating techie budget wonderland that was the February Flash Deals? Due to popular demand, we’ll be bringing Trezo Flash Deals back for IT Show 2016! Stay tuned to us on Facebook, and visit our booth at IT Show 2016 to find out what you can buy, and just how low we can go! See you at IT Show 2016!!

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  1. Kamal

    At 2016 is the it year. now this day it is your hand. it makes you comfortable for to use all kinds of it product such as portable hard disk, laptop stand ect.. thanks for share the good things..

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