On an online marketplace you’re going to have to speak to many people, whether you are negotiating with buyers or putting in an offer to a seller. And while most are polite there are a few kinds of people whom you are probably better off steering clear of. Here’s how to be tactful about dealing with these scum of the online marketplaces jk change this later

  1. The Lowballer
    Bargaining is a skill, some may even consider it an art form in and of itself. But if someone offers you half your listed price for a bottle of perfume then maybe you should ask if they’re expecting to receive a half-empty bottle of Chanel No.5 in return.
  2. The Hardsell
    Online shopping is fun until you have an over-enthusiastic seller breathing down your neck sending you more messages than your mother when she can’t figure out how to work the new printer. Better to just do yourself a favour, calmly make an offer, get that skirt for cheap, and seal the deal ASAP.
  3. The Confused Newbie
    Oh honey. Patience is key with users like these – and unless the buyer is being rude and snotty it’s probably better to guide the poor guy through the confusing world of online shopping. A little bit of patience in exchange for a completed deal, some extra cash, and probably a good rating on the Trezo app. Worth it, we’d say! 🙂
  4. The MIA
    Perhaps the most plentiful of the lot. Maybe give them a few days to prove your Dead Buyer Radar wrong – but remember to keep your cool, stay classy, and carry on. I’m sure there’s a perfect new owner for your trusty pre-loved bagpack.
  5. The Shady Sleazebags
    Okay – these come by less often but are perhaps the most annoying and dangerous of the lot. If you meet any user who posits strange and shady meet-up places and timings, asks for your number inappropriately – report the offender and cease communication IMMEDIATELY! Your safety is more valuable than a couple of bucks.

Of course, there are also lots of nice and courteous people to meet on online market places. To ensure a good shopping experience, be one of those yourself 🙂 It takes all of us to make Trezo a better online platform for one and all!