Out of ideas on what to get for your friends for their upcoming birthdays? Look to the stars for inspiration, for star signs can reveal things you never knew about your friends. Picking out presents based on their horoscopes might just be your key to spoiling the gift-giving market! 😉


Pisces: February 19 – March 20

The Pisces in your life love to dream, and are artistic, spiritual and creative.

  1. Pisces are very sentimental creatures, often holding beloved people and memories close to heart. As such, a personalised photo album will be sure to be met with a flurry of gratitude and emotion. Digging through the endless collection of old photos will definitely be worth the effort!
  2. A Good Book. Whether Romantic and Passionate, or Fantastical and Exciting, a good book is sure to provoke your Pisces’ wild sense of imagination and passion. Our personal favourite is The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared. These gems are sure to please the picky reader in a Pisces.
  3. A DIY scrapbook and related stationery would be perfect to ignite the creative spirit in Pisces, and might just introduce your friend to a new passion he/she will never regret. Such supplies usually come dear, but can be found for a relative bargain on Trezo! Check out the many links below to put together a scrapbooking kit your friend will love!
    Scrapbook Photobook
    Precious Moments Scrapbook Kit w/ Freebie!
    Scrapbooking Die Cuts
    Masking Sticker Set


Aries: March 21 – April 19

We all know an ever-energetic Aries and their unquenchable enthusiasm for life! This lovable sign sure does deserve only the best presents one can think of!

  1. Aries are full of energy and bursting with life. More often than not, they’re attracted to the outdoors and involved in a sport or two. Get them some sporting equipment to encourage their athletic pursuits, and if you can, join them in a game of football or two! They’ll appreciate the show of friendship as much as the gift itself. 🙂
  2. The dazzling confidence of an Aries woman is evident in her love of bold and beautiful jewellery. On the other hand, they have very specific tastes which may be hard to get exactly right. Instead of a $500 necklace the lovely lady may not appreciate, why not get her a jewellery display stand instead? A loud and proud display of her jewellery collection will most definitely please the fierce yet classy confidence of the Ram.
  3. An Aries is nothing if not fun-loving. The Ram is always up for excitement! To satiate the hallmark childlike enthusiasm of the Aries, treat him/her to a day at the theme park! Grab tickets to USS for a steal on Trezo – you’ll thank us later for the unforgettable day. 🙂
  4. Aries are active, dynamic, always on the go and often act first and think later. They hate having to slow down and time-saving gadgets for use on-the-go are sure to be a big hit. Get Aries a Kindle on which they can finish their novel on the way to work! If they already have one, a classic vintage cover for their handy device will also be a welcome treat.
  5. A fiercely competitive streak is characteristic of the fiery Aries. Get them fired up and excited with party video games! Browse the entire collection of video games on Trezo – there’s bound to be one that will ignite your Aries’ heart. Be careful though, competing with the victory-craving Aries is risky business. You have been warned 😉


With these in mind, you’re off to a good start to making your Pisces and Aries friends very, very happy indeed. Till we’re back with more gifts ideas for the strong-minded Taurus!