The key to being a popular seller or merchant on online marketplaces often lies in having a substantial number of good reviews. This increases your trustworthiness, encouraging new customers to purchase from you! Here are 5 useful tips to keep in mind while making deals online to ensure that you receive positive reviews that goes a long way to boosting reputability in the long term! 🙂

  1. Have a good variety of good quality goods.
    Although this doesn’t really factor in to the process of buying-and-selling, having a well-stocked inventory of goods in your profile would increase the propensity of buyers to trust you as an established and reliable merchant. This means quality as well as quantity! Which means no repeated posts, and good quality photos complete with detailed explanations for each ad listing. Trust us, good reviews are helped by a profile that looks both professional and aesthetically pleasing. 🙂
  2. Be Honest.
    This is crucial if you want your customers to trust you. Don’t lie about authenticity or condition of your goods just for a higher price – this will only be detrimental in the long run! Being a trusted seller keeps customers coming back and makes good long-term business sense. So be honest and transparent as much as you can and ensure that your customers will always be happy.
  3. Be Punctual.
    When meeting up with customers, always be punctual! Greeting them with a smile and not causing the unnecessary trouble of making them wait impatiently for your arrival is sure to leave a lasting good first impression. A smooth, no-fuss transaction would most definitely factor into them making a positive evaluation of you on Trezo!
  4. Be Generous!
    This definitely isn’t necessary, but giving some freebies along with purchases would most definitely improve your ratings among your customers! An extra sticker to go along with a bulk purchase of stationary perhaps, or investing in little thank you cards are good ideas that won’t cost much but will earn you rewards in terms of reputation!
  5. Be POLITE
    This is most definitely the icing on the cake for a pleasant shopping experience. Being polite by embellishing your messages with smiley faces, please and thank yous, costs nothing and benefits both y0u and your customer! Showing your customers due respect also adds a personal touch to the shopping experience you provide, setting you apart from any of your competitors as well!

There you go, 5 easy steps for smiley faces all around! It isn’t difficult to ensure that your reviews stay positive. And if you ask us, it is more definitely worth it to ensure that your customers stay satisfied and happy – it’ll definitely make your job easier as well 🙂