We know you’re working hard. We know that five minutes in the office can sometimes feel like five hours while five hours feel like five, long, days.

But there are ways to spruce things up a little at your workplace to make the days a little easier to bear, the hours to pass a little faster. Take a look at a few office essentials to help you get through each and every day!

  1. Singlish Office Status Flipsign

    For a simple, easy, and humorous way of letting your colleagues know exactly where you are, the Singlish Office Status Flipsign is sure to raise a few eyebrows and inspire a few laughs. Way to liven up your desk and the spirits of those around you! Some statuses include ‘Smoke Break’, ‘Out For Lunch’, with hilarious captions all expressed in our beloved and endearing Singlish.
  2. Photo Frames
    Sleek and classy photo frames that don’t take up too much space can be just what you need to make the sterile surface of your desk feel a little bit more like home. A glimpse of your family, child, or even your beloved Golden Retriever when you’re tired can provide you with just the boost you need to put your 100% for the rest of the day!
  3. Spare Phone Charger
    Between business calls, work messages and checking your email on the go, your phone is going to be running on low juice pretty early in the day. It probably makes good sense to keep a spare phone charger on hand, whether it be a portable charger or plugged in at your desk. Always better safe than sorry when it comes to the notoriously short battery lives of smartphones today!
  4. Post-It Cat Dispenser
    cat post it
    Post-Its are way too boring on their own – so why not have a Cat Dispenser to add an adorable touch to an otherwise boring office stationary necessity? It’d help keep your desk less cluttered too, without loose pieces of notepaper littered all over it.
  5. Thermos Flask
    A good thermos flask is indisputably a worthy investment. No more cold coffee nor tea on the mornings where you’re just too tired to function! What better way to keep yourself going through the endless stacks of paperwork than having your favourite drink warm in hand – not having to worry about it turning cold and nasty?

There you go, long days in the office shouldn’t be all that bad after all now. 🙂 Keep up the good and hard work, Team Trezo is always behind you!