If you’ve been keeping track of all the exciting Flash Deals that Trezo has been bringing to you, you must know about the IT Show Flash Deals that are blazing up the app right now! In case you’ve been out of the loop, here’s an easy step-by-step guide to getting in on some of the IT Show Flash Deal action! With amazing deals and items going for as much as a 90% discounted price, this is one deal you do not want to miss!

Here’s the gist: buy in-app to reserve your coveted IT gadgets – beating the queue by purchasing from the comfort of your own home if you wish! After payment, proceed to IT Show 2016 Booth 6473 to verify and collect your items.

Step 1: SHOP!
Browse through over 60 – yes you read that right – 60 amazing deals Trezo has to offer! Ads are listed by our official Trezo merchant account. Click on the banner on our Home page or search for OfficialTrezoDeals  You are sure to find a coveted techie treasure at a jaw-dropping low price!

Do take note though, deals only start at about 10:00AM so be patient and hold back those offers till then! Any offers made before then will be declined so you can make the offer after our Trezo elves are ready to go!


Step 2: Payment
Once you’ve set your eyes on the coveted gadget of your choice, click ‘Pay Now’ ASAP to purchase your item using Trezo Pay! If you haven’t yet set up your xfers e-Wallet account, a simple guide is provided for your convenience below (as well as in-app). Top-up your e-Wallet to start shopping asap! Should you run into any problems with your xfers account, contact for support by our very friendly payment support staff!

NOTE: Update your app to the latest version so as to have access to this Pay Now function. Your offer will be declined otherwise 🙂

paynow1          paynow2

Step 3: Confirmation
Once payment is completed, an automated message will be sent to you with details of collection! Congrats you, you’ve just easily and conveniently snagged one of the best deals at IT Show 2016, beating queues and crowds through the convenience of your phone!

Photo 7-3-16, 1 56 09 PM

Step 4: Collection
Now, you’re just one step away from taking home your newfound conquest! Simply head down to IT Show 2016 at Suntec City to walk away with your brand new toy.

Step 5: Stay tuned to Trezo, you never know when the next Flash Deal may be another opportunity to bag more fantastic deals!


Trezo Pay!

Trezo Pay is a brand new mode of payment available exclusively for Trezo Flash Deals. To get started, follow the simple steps shown below! It’s really as easy as 1-2-3 🙂

Photo 7-3-16, 1 44 50 PM Photo 7-3-16, 1 45 00 PM Photo 7-3-16, 1 45 04 PM Photo 7-3-16, 1 45 08 PM Photo 7-3-16, 1 45 11 PM


    • Team Trezo

      Hi MW

      You’ll just need to show us the confirmation messages in your Trezo app chats. Collection will be at the Trezo booth (booth no. 6473) at the IT Show.

      See you there!

      Talk soon,
      Team Trezo

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